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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EMI filtering work?

EMI filters utilize the inherent properties of capacitive and inductive materials, by removing higher frequency noise from the signal. These components absorb/reflect the higher frequency noise that is mixed in with the “true” signal, effectively cleaning up the resulting signal.

EMI Filtering Diagram | EMI Solutions, Inc.

Do the FlexFilter’s ground tabs impact the integrity of the environmental seal?

The ground tabs do not compromise the environmental seal inside the connector. The ground tabs are designed to cross over the O Rings and make contact to the shell of the connector. The tabs are flexible enough that they conform to the O ring and allow the silicon O ring to seal over the top of the flex circuit material used for the FlexFilter’s grounding tabs.

Alternatively, some customers chose to install the filters with the ground tabs underneath the O Ring, ensuring there is absolutely no interference with the O ring. The compression of the O ring during mating provides positive downward pressure on the grounding tabs which increases the grounding tabs contact force, insuring superior grounding.

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Written installation instructions are included in every FlexFilter shipment and are also available upon request.

What is the maximum capacitance I can specify?

The capacitance level is dependent on the specific connector used in the design, combined with the voltage rating requirement for the filter. Typically, we provide our FlexFilter inserts with maximum capacitance of 47,000pF. Under certain conditions, we can provide higher capacitance filters. Please contact our Engineering team with the details of your specific application to determine the highest capacitance value available.

What is the highest voltage rating available?

Our standard FlexFilter inserts are available with up to 500VDC working voltage ratings. In some applications, we can provide higher voltages depending on your circuit’s specific requirements. Please contact our Engineering team with the details of your specific application to determine the maximum voltage rating

EMI Solutions FlexFilters have successfully passed the DO-160 section 22, 1,500 V lightning requirements.

Please contact our Engineering team for more details

Is it possible to remove and reuse FlexFilter inserts?

Our FlexFilter inserts are designed to stay firmly secured inside your connector – attempting to remove them from the connector will most likely cause damage to the base flex material destroying the insert.

As a result, we strongly recommend NOT attempting to reuse the FlexFilters, as the bending of the insertion point diminishes the sturdiness and integrity of the product.

Is it possible to design FlexFilters with different capacitance values on every pin?

Yes, based on your system requirements, we can build our FlexFilter inserts with different capacitor values on every pin. EMI Solutions’ Engineering team is always available to assist in developing customized solutions that maximize the performance of our filters.

Please contact the factory to discuss all the available configuration options – our team of EMI experts can quickly develop individualized recommendations regarding the ideal pin by pin capacitances based on your signal frequencies.

Does EMI Solutions offer configurations customized to my specific design requirements?

Yes. Over the past 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering our valued customers the best filtering solutions available to help them overcome their unique EMI noise issues.

Please contact our Engineering team to discuss your requirements

Are EMI Solutions’ FlexFilters inserts available with integrated Transient Suppression devices?

Yes, FlexFilters can be designed with transient voltage suppression components on an individualized pin by pin basis, in place of the standard capacitors.

Can they be used for ESD protection?

Absolutely. EMI Solutions has numerous customers using our FlexFilters for ESD protection applications.

Is Environmental Capability data available for the FlexFilter inserts?

Yes, EMI Solutions has published a comprehensive list of Environmental Capability data compiled by our customers in accordance with DO-160 requirements.

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