Environmental Capabilities

Compatible with MIL & Aerospace environmental and mechanical requirements.

Environmental and Mechanical Specifications

Compliant with the following standards:

FactorSection / Location
Temperature and AltitudeDO-160G, Section 4
Temperature VariationDO-160G, Section 5
HumidityDO-160G, Section 6
Operational Shocks and Crash SafetyDO-160G, Section 7
VibrationDO-160G, Section 8
Explosive AtmosphereDO-160G, Section 9
WaterproofnessDO-160G, Section 10
Fluids SusceptibilityDO-160G, Section 11
Sand and DustDO-160G, Section 12
Fungus ResistanceDO-160G, Section 13
Salt FogDO-160G, Section 14
Magnetic EffectDO-160G, Section 15
Voltage SpikeDO-160G, Section 17
Audio Frequency Conducted SusceptibilityDO-160G, Section 18
Induced Signal SusceptibilityDO-160G, Section 19
Emission of Radio Frequency EnergyDO-160G, Section 21
Lightning Induced Transient SusceptibilityDO-160G, Section 22
IcingDO-160G, Section 24
Electrostatic DischargeDO-160G, Section 25
Fire and FlammabilityDO-160G, Section 26

Operates at 28Vdc according to MIL-STD-704E requirements. Complies with the electromagnetic environment defined by the AC-158A “The Certification of Aircraft Electrical and Electronic Systems for Operation in the High-intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) Environment” or the 200V/m level, whichever higher.

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