Anyone who has ever faced an ugly EMI issue (EMI is never pretty) clearly understands that there is no “one size fits all” solution.

The industry leader in EMI filtered connector product solution | EMI Solutions, Inc.Determining the cutoff frequency is just the first step to eliminating the extra noise disruption to your systems performance. EMI Solutions has laid out a blueprint detailing what criteria must be defined to address complex system noise problems.

Once the issue has been confirmed as EMI related, either in house or by an independent test lab, our Engineering team has the experience and knowledge to deliver a permanently solve the issues, utilizing our comprehensive product offering, including our FlexFilter inserts, filtered connectors, flex assemblies or our new line of feed thru filters. We can also provide custom filtering solutions to accommodate unique application specific requirements.

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About EMI Solutions

Since its founding in 1996, EMI Solutions has emerged as the leading woman owned small business devoted to manufacturing 100% tested, American made filtering products. Over that time span, EMI Solutions has developed innovative filtering products, including our proprietary FlexFilter line of high reliability connector inserts.

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