Extreme environmental data testing reveals that our EMI FlexFilters are compatible with even the harshest environments (DO-160D).

Installed in Flight Hardware

  1. Temperature and Altitude – Section 4.0 (category B2)
  2. Temp: –40C to +70C, Altitude and decompression 50,000 ft
  3. Temperature Variation – Section 5.0 (category B)
  4. Humidity – Section 6.0 (category B)
  5. Operational Shock and Crash Safety Shock – Section 7.0 (category C)
  6. Vibration – Section 8.0 (category U, Zone 2)
  7. Waterproofness – Section 10.0 (category W)
  8. Sand and Dust – Section 12.0 (category D)
  9. Salt Spray – Section 14.0 (category S)
  10. Voltage Spike – Section 17.0 (category A)
  11. Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility – Section 22.0 (category A3E3)

These test results were acquired from two (2) separate qualification tests performed on flight hardware units with 3 filter inserts in each of the two qualification tests. There were Zero Failures associated with the EMI Solutions filters.

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